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Mysore Programme

Rise with 

the Sun


Mysore Programme

Mysore Programme taught by
KPJAYI certified teacher Pierre Seghir

Everyone is welcome.

Are you a motivated beginner, ready to start Ashtanga Yoga?
  A traveling yogi visiting the area and looking for an authentic and welcoming Shala?
A yogi living in the area and looking for a Shala to benefit from the guidance and support of an experienced teacher and to share your yoga practice with other yogis?
A yogi with an established practice looking for an experienced teacher to accompany them further in their practice?

Join our Mysore classes:



The classes of the Mysore Programme are taught according to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga teaching method, known as "Mysore self-practice". Students individually learn to remember a sequence of postures (asanas) that they practice in a group environment at their own pace, with individual instructions, support and personalised occasional adjustments provided by the teacher. By memorising the sequence of postures, students can cultivate a personal practice that allows them to focus inward and access the meditative aspects of yoga practice.


The postures (asanas) of the Ashtanga Yoga sequences are linked in movement, synchronised with deep and free breathing (ujjayi). This is called the vinyasa system. By connecting all the postures, the vinyasa system – combined with the practice of locks (especially mula and uddiyana bandhas) – creates a continuous flow of energy that energises and opens the body, creates inner space and balances the mind. The result is a lighter and stronger body and a clearer mind.


The student progresses at their own pace, according to their abilities, under the supervision and with the support of the teacher. The teacher will gradually add new postures to the already known sequence, which the student learns to remember and practice. Each student thus develops their regular practice, adapted to their abilities. Thanks to this approach, the autonomous practice known as "Mysore self-practice" is accessible to everyone, from beginners to long-time practitioners.

The Mysore style refers to the city of Mysore in southern India where Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois studied yogic practices with his teacher T. Krishnamacharya, considered the father of modern yoga, before teaching Ashtanga Yoga in his own Shala.

The Ashtanga Yoga Centre of the French Riviera is open six days a week (closed on Moon days and Saturdays. Moon days are mentioned on the Mantras & Moon Days page). The benefits of Ashtanga Yoga practice are linked to regular practice, ideally daily if possible.


The only Shala in the Alpes Maritimes to offer an authentic Mysore program taught

EVERY morning by a KPJAYI certified teacher.

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