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 City of Nice (Port area) & Roquefort-Les-Pins (06330)

Teaching authentic Ashtanga Yoga 

The Ashtanga Yoga Centre of the French Riviera (Mysore Riviera) is open year-round, 6 days a week, offering an authentic programme of Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore style, in the city of Nice (Port area) and in the nearby village of Roquefort-Les-Pins.

Classes are open to all and taught by a certified (KPJAYI) and experienced teacher according to the traditional Ashtanga Yoga teaching method, known as the Mysore style.

Students learn individually to memorise a sequence of postures which they practice in a group environment at their own pace with personalised instruction, adjustment and support from the teacher.

The postures of Ashtanga Yoga are done in movement and fluidity, in a synchronised way with deep and free breathing. It is the vinyasa system that allows each student to develop their personal practice over time.

Depending on your availability, you can join our daily classes or enrol in our introductory course which is offered once a month. No prior knowledge of Ashtanga Yoga is required nor is familiarity with the sequence of postures required to begin your Ashtanga Yoga journey. The teacher will guide you from the very start.

We welcome beginners or advanced practitioners.


Are you interested in experiencing the physical and mental benefits of Ashtanga Yoga, such as stronger body, calmer mind, freer breathing and in exploring a form of dynamic meditation than opens new horizons for well-being, spirituality, mental relaxation and mindfulness?

Come practice with us and discover how Ashtanga Yoga can improve your life.

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